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Splash: Fish Sanctuary

Become the caretaker of an ocean reef and make it a wonderful home for all of Fishdom in this relaxing fish game. A friendly turtle will be your guide, helping you feed and grow fish to populate your ocean reef.

Decorate your ocean reef with beautiful coral and marvel as it comes to life with exciting new fish species. Splash: Fish Sanctuary features a wide variety of fish that have been carefully researched to capture the distinctive appearance and behavior of real fish in the sea.

Document your ocean discoveries in the Aquapedia, and learn exciting facts about the sea life you discover. There are popular aquarium fish such as Clownfish (spot Nemo in your reef!), along with starfish, jellyfish, sharks, and many other sea creatures. Splash features nearly all of Fishdom!

Capture photographs of your favorite sea creatures, take part in events to collect new fish species, and connect with friends to exchange gifts and help each other grow your ocean reefs. Splash: Fish Sanctuary is overflowing with eye-catching sea life, beautiful ocean environments, and relaxing underwater gameplay that will keep you entertained for hours to come.

If you love fish games, aquarium games, and ocean games we think you’ll love Splash: Fish Sanctuary!

Splash: Fish Sanctuary is developed and published by Runaway, an award-winning games studio building brilliant mobile games inspired by the natural world.

Please note the “splashcam” feature requires read/write external storage permissions, to save in-game screenshots taken by players to their devices.

This game is free to play but does contain some items to purchase for real money. If you run into any issues while playing or you have any suggestions, please reach out to us at [email protected]


Carrie Sauer Sr. 2022-11-09 13:31:30

It's a relaxing game but I lost interest quickly after I couldn't level up my fish as fast. It just takes so long to level up your fish between feeds and then you can't get the ingredients to make some of the fish in the sets so it starts to feel like you're not making progress in the game anymore. Could also use more spaces to put all the pretty corals. And then the game keeps having connection issues and kicking me off so I gotta reload it several times while trying to play...

Ozella Langosh 2022-11-11 15:01:06

Cute aesthetics and I love the random facts about corals and reef-creatures! Relaxing and fun to play. My one complaint is that the coin collection is a bit clunky. The timing is fine, but it NEEDS an auto-collect feature that goes in the background, even if it's as temporary autocollect thing where you watch an ad for 2 hours of auto-collection or something. Because the corals produce coins at varying intervals, you pretty much have to time exactly when you come back to collect to not waste any

Marcella Schamberger 2022-11-03 11:47:22

Good game overall, the graphics are cute and the game is pretty relaxing. I LOVE that they let you go into the options menu before a twenty minute tutorial unlike a lot of games. However, the coin system is broken. You need coins to feed fish but the plants that produce them have no holding system so if you don't tap them every five minutes, you still only get maybe 20 coins. Which means no matter what nest egg I build up, it's gone by the time I wake up or get off work

Edythe Kris 2022-11-03 02:53:02

Loved this game more than any other mobile game. After I switched from iPhone to Samsung, the game started erasing huge chunks of time from my progress during all the events. I worked so hard to get gold medals and the game would sporadically revert my data to at least a day in the past, or at most three days. Customer service was friendly but patchy and didn't resolve the issue, even though they found something that indicated I was playing on two devices, which I never did.

Reyna Rowe 2022-11-03 13:35:31

I love the game; it's gorgeous, relaxing, & even educational. But honestly I'll probably quit playing because I'm sick of losing progress. Even with a stable connection, & making sure the game stays open for a few minutes after the last action, the next time I load it has reverted to SEVERAL steps back. I've lost rare species unlocked in an event, rare corals earned with gold tickets, had to redo acheivements & re-level up multiple times. It just stops being fun at that point. Such a shame.

Coralie Kiehn 2022-11-07 07:50:24

I mostly enjoyed playing. The fish are pretty. Sometimes they're really annoying when they crowd certain areas. The turtle is really annoying because you can't move it and it gets in the way sometimes. A forced tutorial for every event is very very annoying. Anyway I can't play anymore since the game just shows a error now even though i closed it, restarted, then uninstalled and reinstalled it.

Vance Johnson 2022-11-03 11:43:45

This game is so awesome! Adorable graphics, entertaining gameplay, what more could one want?! It definitely keeps you busy as there's so much involved, but that's part of what makes this simulation game so much fun! I've played nearly all the fish & aquarium simulators out there, but this one is unique & much more satisfying than the rest in that you learn about each fish species as you raise & then release them into the wild. I HIGHLY recommend this app to anyone who enjoys simulation games.

August Lemke II 2022-11-11 23:29:09

I like all the different fish you can get. The video snail is almost useless. Not enough return on watching the vid. (I only ever get 1 cash for watching.) Its too much disparity between keys earned and how soon you can get either new species or new habitat. Now I've got several new fish species to unlock and new habitat with no hope of getting them all because of the great amount I have to earn to get the keys. It is fun discovering new fish and feeding them.

Talon Cummerata 2022-11-10 17:27:25

It's not a great game, it takes forever to open new fish, you need keys. At the beginning you finish something and the next set opens, a little later you need keys. Which you get by going up in levels. It takes forever to go up a level. I'm recycling fish over and over. It's just annoying at this point.

Boris Auer DDS 2022-11-09 01:37:29

Love the game but as of late, keep losing progress everytime I close out of game when done playing. And that is after giving it a minute or two to "save progress". Frustrating and splash cash only goes so far as to replenishing what you lost in progress. Practically impossible to complete the special challenges unless you spend cash or spend all your time in the game. Hard to get the higher class fish because you hardly ever get the shells to grow the fish.

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